Welcome to Mixtape Monday, a weekly instalment on Crossover Comics that puts a soundtrack to a comic. This week we look at the exclusive prologue to the upcoming Dredd 3D movie, coming out September 21st. Luckily for all, the prologue is available for free here and at the end of the Mixtape I’ve taken the liberty of embedding the motion comic at the bottom of this article! So without further adieu…

The prologue comic is an interesting one because it explores the origins of Dredd 3Ds main baddie, Ma-Ma. The city of Judge Dredd, Mega-City One, is pretty well explored. The same is true for the character of Dredd as well. However, those unfamiliar with the mainstays of 2000 A.D.’s Dredd universe might benefit from an introduction to said mainstays. By focusing the prologue on Ma-Ma, there is a definite feeling that the prologue isn’t aimed at new fans, but at old ones who want some back story they don’t already know going into the film. As an old fan, this works for me, besides, are new fans really the target market for an online comic?

The prologue begins with an intro to Madeline, for whom life moved in slow motion. Ever since she was born she had nothing to live for and so everything seemed to pass her by. Not feeling was a full-time job, as she immersed herself in drugs and alcohol. I wanted to choose an NWOBHM band for this section, but the description of Madeline’s life reminded me so much of a Metallica song, you just have to listen to Master of Puppets. It’s one of the best songs about being a slave to one’s addictions, something we all understand, and this is definitely true for Madeline. Next we meet her incredibly charming pimp, if by charming you mean: abusive, terrifying and rude. Pimp and his friend are watching a news report about Judge Dredd shutting down a bunch of prostitution rings and he takes his frustration out on Madeline. It sucks to watch but we get the feeling that the generic pimp is gonna get got eventually. In kind of a reverse-Batman, we learn that Ma-Ma’s parents were killed by Judges in a botched bank robbery, and because her parents weren’t billionaire philanthropists, she bounced from foster home to foster home, then into the streets.

Out working the streets, Madeline gets picked up by her friend Eric, who promises to show her something. He obviously cares about her problems, even though she is reluctant to share them with him because he means so much to her. It’s at this point that Maddy gets introduced to slo-mo, a creation of Eric’s that is like LSD but centered on the time perception of the user. It’s the drug of choice for Dredd victims in the new movie. There is really only one choice for this segment, and it’s from the Dredd 3D trailer. Listen to the highly addictive In for the Kill by British electropop duo, La Roux. In particular, listen to the Skream remix which was the one used in the Dredd 3D trailer. Slo-mo is like bullet time from Max Payne but druggier and way more dangerous (considering there is a 100% chance that Dredd will shoot you). The movie will focus on Dredd’s battle against Ma-Ma and the rampant addiction stemming from slo-mo.

Just in case you forgot what Dredd was capable of, there is a couple shots of Dredd shooting some perps in broad daylight. Because, you know, of the whole judge, jury and executioner thing (emphasis on the last point). Returning to her apartment, Madeline realizes that her evil pimp has murdered her bff/drug designer Eric. Furthermore, pimp is waiting for her to teach her a lesson. As he attempts to force her into a compromising position, she gives him a hit of slo-mo then goes all Lorena Bobbitt on his junk. You go girl! I guess she’s had it up to herrrrrre! Listen to Just a Girl by No Doubt, in fact, don’t just listen to it, go have a few drinks and scream it at karaoke, thinking of Judge Dredd the whole time, of course.

That’s it for this week, don’t forget that Dredd 3D comes out this Friday and will probably be better than Casablanca.

The Quick and Dirty

First Section: Metallica – Master of Puppets

Second Section: La Roux (Skream remix) – In for the Kill

Third Section: No Doubt – Just a Girl

Bonus Motion Comic!!!