Godzilla is a name that inspires fear and terror in the hearts of Japanese people worldwide since 1954 (in all fairness, it’s probably the name Gojira that inspires the fear). IDW has raised Godzilla from the dead for one more round of terror. Duane Swierczynski and Simon Gane, a creative team I’m not familiar with, but who do an admirable job of depicting monster action blowing up boom boom POW!! So we will be Mixtaping issue #1!

The issue begins with a Mexican wedding. It’s a peculiar way to start the issue. I feel like the creative team wanted to do their own story along the line of Savages, but all they could get was a Godzilla book. Essentially, a former Mexican gangster is getting married, and he has left his former violent life behind. All this is pretense to a giant spider bursting through the wall and killing all of the wedding guests and the bride. Since this is an ongoing issue, the Mexican gangster character will most likely be back for revenge! Gosh, Mexican weddings are so crazy! I think we should listen to Malaguena Salerosa by Chingon. It’s all Spanish and Robert Rodriguez-ish, which is perfect for a Mixtape.

There is then a world-tour of all the monsters coming back, including the grand daddy of them all, Godzilla. I get the feeling that this world gets lot of monsters and monster attacks all over the world. I might get flack for this but I really want to listen to Monster by Lady GaGa. Monsters! Come on!

The books suddenly takes a more focused turn and becomes character based. It’s titled Part One: Forty Stories of Terror, and it’s like The Towering Inferno for the next 30 pages. This follows an ex-special forces soldier named Boxer who is now tasked with a million dollar babysitting job. He is a professional soldier, and an amateur cook who is trying to make the babysittee some poached eggs. Here is where Simon Gane’s art shines. Things fall apart and we get a lovely crumbling tower action scene, filled with plenty of flashbacks to when Boxer was a soldier for hire. Miss Murakami is the one he is hired to protect, and I think that a lot of what is plotted here would make for an excellent scene in an action movie. Listen to If You Run by The Boxer Rebellion. The main character’s name is Boxer, and he is definitely vowing for revenge while running. Plus, the song would be great over some demolished building slow motion.

Bonus track, listen to Come With Me by Puff Daddy, and watch all the American Faux-Godzilla destruction in this Youtube video.

The Quick and Dirty

First Section: Chingon – Malaguena Salerosa
Second Section: Lady GaGa – Monster
Third Section: The Boxer Rebellion – If You Run