The Montreal Comiccon Press Conference promises to announce new major guests as well as having local guests present for interviews and photos. We were there, so click through for our coverage of the event.

The conference kicked off with an introduction of the Montreal ComicCon staff and a special guest: Kristen Hager from the TV series Being Human. Oh and also, the Incredible Hulk was there.

First, conference organizers ran through the already announced guests. It was also revealed that Mike Mignola has done a poster for the ComicCon that features Hellboy eating poutine, giving a definite Quebec flair to the show.

The Joe Shuster awards are going to be held in Montreal this year at the Con, hosted by Jason Rockman from CHOM.

One thing we are really excited about is a screening of the silent film classic Nosferatu, in time for the 100th anniversary of the “undeath” of Bram Stoker. Not only that, but the screening will be accompanied by live music.

Comic book Kill Shakespeare will be presented as a play using actors from the Montreal Shakespeare company.

Video games are going to be especially featured with several game companies presenting conferences on various aspects of the industry. This makes sense considering the ties that Montreal has to the video game

Newly announced invitees are:

-David Finch, Canadian artist extraordinaire.

-Gavin Blair, one of the creators of Reboot.

– And just in time for the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: TNG, Patrick Stewart will be there, presenting a show even on the Saturday night with William Shatner!

All in all it promises to be the biggest Montreal Con yet, spanning over 3 days at Palais des Congrès.