Well obviously everyone’s going to the Montréal Comiccon this weekend, but what if you’re looking for an alternative? Maybe you’re burnt out and want to take a break from the crowds, or maybe you want to know what’s happening during the rest of the week? Well, surprisingly Montréal’s got a lot of comic-related events going down right now! All thanks to your local museums and national library! (And you thought I couldn’t get nerdier than Comiccon

First off, and related to the Con since Aislin is in attendance, the McCord Museum is running Cartooning Calamities! This exhibit looks at 16 Québec editorial cartoonists, including Aislin and Serge Chapleau. They’ve also erected a virtual exhibit looking at 50 years of editorial cartooning in Québec, from 1950 to 2000. Cartooning Calamities! runs from now until January 26, 2013.

It’s also worth noting that the BAnQ’s Year of Manga is still running. This was a long event that included some nice events and a manga day camp for kids. Two exhibits are currently still running, and as always you can find plenty of manga and comics at your local library. Manga – the Art of Movement will still be running until the 30th of September, specifically looking at the art of manga and visual cues such as facial expressions or drawing techniques to convey emotion and further the story. Tell Me About Manga, an introduction to the comic form running in the youth section of the library, will run until January 13th, 2013.

You’re more than likely to get your Star Trek fix at the Con, with both captains in attendance. If, however, you’re itching for some Star Wars action, this is your last weekend to catch Star Wars Identities. The Montréal Science Centre has put together a fun and surprisingly interactive exhibit, tying in to George Lucas’ brainchild. The last day is the 16th of September though, so you’ll really have to squeeze it into this weekend.

Finally, if you’re a little too tired to go out to yet another comic event locally, sit back and check out an exhibit from Library and Archives Canada. It’s an older exhibit, but still fun to look through for the history of comics in Canada and Québec.