Seeing as how Patrick Stewart & William Shatner are going to be at the Montreal Comic-Con this weekend, we decided to remind everyone of a little 1994 movie called Star Trek: Generations. Its awesome, and we’ve compiled a spoiler-free top 5 ridiculous quotes spoken in the first 30 minutes of the movie.

If you don’t remember what the movie was about, here is the trailer:

Essentially, Captain Picard gets help from an apparently deceased Captain Kirk. The whole thing feels like a two hour episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but with more extras and better special effects. And the captain of the new Enterprise is that Cameron guy from Ferris Bueller.

The movie is filled with some really ridiculous lines that are even weirder if we strip them of all context. Enjoy this random sampling below (especially the Riker quote) and don’t forget to get your fill of Kirk and Picard this weekend!


Kirk: “You left space dock without a tractor beam??”

Picard: “If theres one thing I’ve learned over the years… Its to never underestimate a Klingon.”

Picard: “Number One, thats retract the plank, not remove the plank.”

LaForge: “Data! That was not funny.”

Riker: “Bad food, brutal discipline… No women?”