Welcome to another edition of the Crossover Comics podcast! As always we go through comics shipping next week and news of the comic world. This week we preview Marvel books that will be shipping in June, featuring lots of Avengers and X-Men punching each other!

Next week’s biggest item will of course be issue #1 of Avengers vs X-Men (5:51), but there’s a lot of hidden gems coming out as well. Danger Club’s (7:59) first issue comes out, adding to the slew of hot new Image titles, and the second printing of Manhattan Projects #1 accompanies it in case you missed the initial release. The long sought-after Flex Mentallo (11:42) sees a reprint and the first volume of Saga of the Swamp Thing rides shotgun in a couple of mature DC/Vertigo releases. Erik Larsen picks up where Alan Moore left off in Supreme #63 (22:23), taking part of the Extreme relaunch at Image. Finally it’s with a sad heart as we say goodbye to Dr. Nemesis with the final issue of the X-Club (27:56) mini-series.

It’s a slower news week, although a big announcement broke with Katsuhiro Otomo’s announcement that he’ll be returning to manga (32:33). It’s exciting news for a trio of Akira fans. Another interesting creator-related announcement is that John McLaughlin will be writing the Youngblood relaunch (41:20). It’s an intriguing first-foray into comics for the screenwriter who’s better know for the critically acclaimed film Black Swan.

The Marvel previews are heavy with Avengers vs. X-Men books, releasing titles in the middle of the conflict (52:30). It’s not the only big event though, as we also see Spider-Man releases as well as an X-Men wedding (71:11). The deluxe edition of Incognito has us all excited (79:00), as does the prospect of Daredevil v2 by Waid (82:15). Finally, we close out with X-Club once again, as the collected miniseries will see a June release.