Back from a Movember long hiatus is a much awaited return to evaluating the medical condition and state of Doc Ock’s bowel system. We’ve already investigated his contorted looks of pain here, here, here, here, and here, but today there is a new twist as we aren’t looking at a comic book at all!

Instead of evaluating a Doc Ock from a comic book page we are going to be looking at a lovely Marvel mini-bust. Standing at a Lilliputian 5-1/2″ tall, Doc Ock has a menacing look on his face… Or does he???

One could just as easily interpret the arm-crossing maniacal villain’s grin for a grimace, as his IBS kicks in and kicks ass (pretty much literally). I believe that when John Dennet sculpted this bad boy he was very much showing the Doc’s deep seated crampy pain. He even looks like he is on the verge of a flatulent outburst.

Too bad Doc Ock… Too bad indeed.

  • Gambit266

    I really think you should have placed the arms wilder, suits the IBS more.